Call for best practice: Talking to r/o slaves through a load-balancer




Kristian Köhntopp about Enemy Action
Wed, 31.10.2012 13:46
My friendly Offtopic Channel in IRC has horror stories about this, it is Halloween, after all. "Well, I do have [...]
Mon, 15.10.2012 09:41
What if we use SSDs. Can we then assume memory limits are not as significant because SSDs can handle random access [...]
Kristian Köhntopp about MySQL 5.6-RC: GTID vs. MyISAM
Fri, 05.10.2012 07:46
In fact, I am pretty certain that this also breaks mysql_upgrade or has the potential to do so.
Kristian Köhntopp about MySQL 5.6-RC: GTID vs. MyISAM
Fri, 05.10.2012 06:44
It is quite a bit worse than that: Right now, the default RPM as distributed by Oracle will fail to install if it [...]
Thu, 04.10.2012 18:52
> MyISAM in mysql.* has to go before GTID can be sucessfully deployed. I think you meant to say before it can b [...]
Thu, 04.10.2012 18:36
Sorry, it wasn't clear given that none of this is actually mentioned.
Thu, 04.10.2012 13:47
You can turn it on with FLUSH PRIVILEGES once the tables exist.
Kristian Köhntopp about MySQL 5.6-RC: GTID vs. MyISAM
Thu, 04.10.2012 11:34
I think I have to install a comment voting plugin just so that i can +1 what Justin just wrote.

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