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Lifecycle Reminder

MySQL Lifecycle Policy Calendar

The official MySQL Lifecycle Policy calendar terminates the end of the Active Support Lifecycle for MySQL 4.1 at the end of this year. The product is then entering the Extended Support Lifecycle. Please click on the image and read "What is the difference between Active Lifecycle and Extended Lifecycle support?" to understand the implications of this.

MySQL on Windows for DBAs

(by Gerardo Narvaja)

We do run on all platforms supported by Microsoft, embedded platforms not tested. We do support all communication protocols supported by Windows. Minimum disk space: 200MB, basically enough to unpack, install and create a few test DBs. We do run on all filesystems supported by Windows, for tables larger than 4GB NTFS is necessary. We do support a lot of DB access frameworks: ODBC, .NET (1.1 or newer), JDBC (1.4.2 or larger to develop, 1.3.0 or newer to run).

Packages are named a bit differently than on Unix. Continue reading "MySQL on Windows for DBAs"