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Kill them all!

Less lemons!
Right now all of your MySQL Developers are busy at MySQL Devcon 2006 in Sorrento. Each day is bracketed in the early morning and evening by the ritual of "Showstopper Bugs review", wherein the remaining showstopper, P1 and P2 bugs are reviewed, verified, assigned and the progress on their elimination is being tracked.

So far we are seeing a lot of progress - long standing and neglected bugs are suddenly going very easily, because people here can see each other and just talk about the problems they are seeing.

So more Sorrento means less lemons for all of you!

Debian 64 bit trouble

I had a customer using Debian 64 Bit binaries downloaded from MySQL, experiencing hangs. Symptoms have been:
  • INSERT hangs
  • Replication hangs (SQL_Thread shown as running, but Exec counter not moving)
  • Server cannot be shutdown, except with kill -9

This is Bug #8555, Debian Bug 314408, a problem with NPTL in libc6, version 2.3.2.ds1-22. Upgrading to a newer, UNSTABLE version of libc6 resolved the problem. The system is now running without problems at 1200 qps (4000 qps peak) in 64 Bit mode, using the MySQL AMD 64 bit download for 5.0.18.